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Sale or Return

If you can’t find the time to sell your own horsebox, Viking HorseBoxes can do it for you. At Viking Horseboxes, we are committed to selling your horsebox. However, if for whatever reason your horsebox doesn’t sell, you won’t be charged. SOR means exactly what it says, Sale or Return.

Selling Your Horsebox For You


Selling With Us

There are a number of advantages to Viking Horse Boxes selling your horsebox for you including:

  • Our Location. Viking Horseboxes is located just outside of Oxford.
  • Getting you the Best Price. A contract will be drawn up outlining the price and commission before we sell your horsebox. If, however, there is a price in mind that you want to stick to, we’ll do our up most to keep to that figure.
  • Collection. We will come to you to collect your horsebox if needed.
Horse & Hound,


Your Horsebox

In order to help facilitate the sale of your horsebox we will advertise your horsebox on our website, Viking Horseboxes is also linked to Horse and Hound and Your horsebox will also be on display when possible for new clients visiting our premises.

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